A student may well wonder, why choose Achievers Circle over so many other Institutions offering similar courses? Here are the features that set us apart.
Experienced Faculty: Unlike the faculty of other coaching centres, the professors of Achievers Circle work full time for the institute.This creates an environment of responsible education delivery. Specific topics are taught by experts in the field, holding doctorate degrees from Calcutta and other Universities.

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Learning promotes natural talent.We want to ensure that each student is equipped to excel in the university. as well as in the Competitive Examinations for higher studies and face the challenges of the profession they dream of accomplishing.We seek to give our students not only the theoretical knowledge but also the capabilities to apply that knowledge in problem solving in exams as well as in the real world.Our methodology makes students capable of creatively resolving complex & tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills & parallel thinking processes.

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  1. Dr. Sujoy Roy Chowdhury (SRC), Chairman & Managing Director (CMD).
  2. Mr. Supratim Haldar, General Manager (Accounts, Finance & Relations).
  3. Mr. Anindya Das, Controller of   Examinations & Teaching Associate.
  4. Mr. Abhijit Roy, General Manager (Business Development & Operations) & Teaching Associate.

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A Man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done…… “Cardinal Newman”

I think most of us went past these lines in the beginning of I.L.Finar’s book but I doubt how many thought about it. Now spend two minutes of your life here and try to realize its inner meaning.

While travelling the path of education, the greatest obstacles I have found in the road to success are fear, inferiority, concerns about criticism and lack of confidence-NOT lack of intellect. Nature being most impartial has made us all equal. It’s just the love for different things which makes us expert in discreet fields.

If you really want to get rid of those obstacles forever rise up to such a height where nothing can touch you. For one time, shout at yourself and break the shackles. Believe me-there is no greater joy than to prove others wrong. Go and achieve!

ABHISHEK DEWANJI [ Ph.D. Research Scholar (University of Muenster, Germany) ]

My Dear Brothers & Sisters,

First  of all I would like to  congratulate all  of  you that you are  the luckiest  one to be a part the institution like Achievers’ Circle where you are getting the golden opportunity to learn under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced teachers. Unfortunately at my time there was no such institution still we were able to make out as per our ability which was obviously impossible without the unparallel help and guidance of   Dr SRC.
I am really thankful to this person. So my dear friends grab this opportunity, put pressure on your accelerator, don’t stop still you reach your destiny and of course don’t worry your Achievers circle’s guidance will put diesel in you. This five years (bachelors & masters) are the transition state of your life as after these you will no longer considered to be a student and you will switched to your professional career so why to compromise! All my very best wishes to you. If you need any help from my side please don’t hesitate to knock me at

Sougata Dey [ Graduate Research Student, Graduate School of Chemistry ]

In the year of 2008, I joined Achiever’s Circle as a B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) 1st year student. I believe that it was a beginning of a new chapter of my academic career. Although those days, things were not all computerized as like today. we used to have hand written notes primarily. But what I feel, effort used to come out whole heartedly from all the faculty members. They used to perform their best at day to day classes. Over the years I have witnessed the evolution of Achiever’s Circle from a coaching centre to a brand for thousands of Chemistry students.

Today it is emerging out to be one of the largest institutes in academic sector in terms of capacity and  span over Kolkata and its nearby places. To be frank, I can say this institute has contributed a lot in my academic as well as personal life. A special thanks to SRC sir and Abhijit Da for their constant support and sincere guidance. I have left this institute 4 years ago but still I cherish those golden days what I spent with Achiever’s Circle and my well wishes are always with A.C.

Mr. Sudip Gorai , Scientific Officer(C) Bio-Organic Division [ Bhabha Atomic Research centre ]

Dear Readers,

“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” – Paulo Coelho

The above quote beautifully describes my teachers at ACHIEVERS’ CIRCLE.

Today as I venture out, into the world, I take with me not only knowledge but also a way of life as I make Dr. SRC’s motto: “It is not over unless I WIN.” ,  mine.

Nikita Chiripal [ All India Rank-1 IIT JAM 2015 ]

I am thankful to SRC Sir for giving me the opportunity to share a few words about my experience as a student of Achievers’ Circle. To begin with, I must say, as a student, I am of the opinion that just studying is not enough for cracking a competitive examination. One needs to know exactly what one needs to study and how much to study about a particular topic. There comes the role of Achievers’ Circle.


I joined Achievers’ Circle in the Third Year of my BSc course in Chemistry (Honours). Feeling very blank in inorganic chemistry, I decided to contact SRC Sir, and eventually joined his class. To speak the truth, the proper methodical study started from that point. I started learning what exactly should my attitude towards the course be. I must say, I have gained a lot from Sir’s classes. I could grasp every little bit of a topic, in an elaborate manner.


In a month’s time, I learned about the course offered by Achievers’ Circle for IIT aspirants. I decided to enroll myself for the course. I do not know whether readers would believe me, but, I felt, the mock test program was very helpful for me. It acted like a cane, which hit whenever I would try to go astray, or felt that I was losing focus. Every mock test passed by, and my weak points would reveal.




I would try to rectify them and prepare myself for the next test. It was a competition of me not only with my fellow classmates but also with myself. I would strive to score higher with each test passing by. Here, SRC Sir played a huge role.


I still remember him saying, “the ALL INDIA competition is confined in this room”. He would bring up the names of the high scorers on the board, and encourage them to score even better. On the day of the last exam, just a week before we appeared for JAM, Sir had written down the names on the board. I was fortunate enough to find my name in the list. He said,

“Challenge me if any of these students secure ranks above 100”……… and there it was. Injected with confidence, I appeared for the examination. When the results were declared, I was delighted to learn that I have secured an All India Rank of 66. The first thing I recalled was Sir’s words.

Within two months time, there was yet fruit, when the results of Hyderabad School of Chemistry were declared, and I found myself in the 5th position of the All India Rank List.

I will not deny the fact that I have worked hard for achieving my goals. At the same time, I can never deny that my hard work was channelled in the right track by Achievers’ Circle, in general, and SRC Sir, in particular. I have always said that I owe a lot to this institute. I am very much thankful to the institute for helping me, guiding me to fulfil my aspirations. Now, I can proudly say, I am on my way to be called an IITan, and will always remember, how I did it. Those six months (August ’14 to January ’15) will go down the memory lane. No matter how much I write, I will not be able to completely show my respect and gratitude towards the institute. All I can say, which, I guess, explains everything, is, without Achievers’ Circle, my aspiration of studying in an IIT would have never come true.

I offer my sincere thanks to Achievers’ Circle, and in particular, SRC Sir, for his experienced, professional guidance, for being a constant support to his students, and for encouraging me all through my journey.

Abhirup Guha – All India Rank-5 Hyderabad School of Chemistry 2015